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What Language would you like to learn next and why?

After learning the current language you are studying what language would you like to learn next and why? may it be for a loved one and interest in the culture or simply you just like the way the language sounds? I am interested in hearing from others..I myself and currently learning Spanish and would like to Learn German and Japanese at sometime in the Future, my reasons for this are for both German and Japanese I have friend who speak these languages and would love to travel to these countries sometime in the future as well. 




I want to learn Sanskrit because its very logical and scienctific.

I would like to learn Arabic and Japanese. I want to learn Arabic because I have Arabic roots from my mother's family. It would be nice to speak with my grandmother in her mother tongue. :) And I am very interested in Japanese culture. Both of them has different alphabets and it will be a plus for me understanding and speaking in another language other than the European originated ones. 

1. l wan't to learn English .

2. l am interested in.

3.Sometimes when I don't read  books translated into Chinese wood have obstacles and watch TV too.

4.It is easier to understand the local customs.

E......My English is not so good. There are wrong please advise.(>^ω^<)

Spanish, because I am planning to go a to graduate school in the US.

&Latin, because I want a deep insight on western culture. Also it helps me with academic English.

For a native English speaker, Korean is pretty hard to learn. If I'm ever able to master it, I'd probably try for an easy one after that, such as Spanish, which I already know a little. Spanish is similar enough to English that it wouldn't present as much of a challenge.

I would like to learn Spanish,because i like Spain.i am wondering if i can travel around there one day (*^__^*)

I'm currently learning German. Once I get to an intermediate level I want to start learning mandarin. I have been fascinated with Chinese culture ever since I can remember and dream of traveling through Asia. 

Next I want to learn Russian because i have family for the Ukraine.

*from the UkraineUkraine

Lol sorry for all the posts this dumb auto correct keeps messing me up. I want to learn Russian because I have family from the Ukraine who speak it. :)

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