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Alice in the Wonderland (阿丽思 漫游奇境记)

I'm looking for several online different translations of Alice...

1. 阿丽思 漫游奇境记 (赵元任)

at least one of the following:

2. 爱丽丝 漫游奇境 (黄建人)

3. 艾丽丝 漫游奇境记 (陈复庵)

4. 陈复庵 (吴钧陶)


Can u help me?

It's very difficult since I'm not familiar with Chinese Internet. :)



Sorry, the last one is 4. 爱丽斯 漫游奇境 (吴钧陶), don't know how to edit my post.

try to baidu


阿丽思 漫游奇境记 (赵元任)

 Chinese is a little difficult. Just choosing one of them.

Thank you very, very much Evelyn!

I'm still looking for at least one more version :)

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