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What settings would you recommend when using Anki flashcards?

I have mine set at its default configuration for the time being. I do take it into consideration that the results of retaining new information do vary based on the individual user. I'm just asking around out of curiousity for those who are currently using this particular SRS program. I'd like to know your feedback prior to tinkering into the options menu of this software. I do appreciate everyone's input. 



I have found the default settings very useful.  However, I think I would like at times to have only the English come up first (mother tongue) and then guess the Spanish (language I'm learning).  In each session some words come up in Spanish first, and I can guess them pretty easily.  When they come up later in the session as English - Spanish, I feel like I don't really know if I know it because I've already had the Spanish-English as a help.


In my opinion, is better)))

@Goatish - With the default settings, does it periodically remind you the words that you've taken in                   intervals (such as every 7 days, every 14 days, every 21 days)?

                Does it bring up words that you missed at a more frequent rate than the ones you know                 by heart? Would it be better for me to know it per word, or do you do it in a phrase or                     sentence form that way it reminds you of usage through context?

                How many cards do you normally stack in a deck for maximum efficiency as far as                           retention goes?


@Irina S - I'm not solely relying on Anki. I only use it as a supplement for remembering those                          (German) words that are so long it takes a while for me to remember. I do have an                        account with Memrise and Lang-8.


I'm currently actively using Duolingo. According to their assessment, I should be able to read and translate at least 44% of German into English and vice-versa. I haven't gotten the gist yet of German grammar because I do have to reverse English (most of the time) to get it right when I'm doing my lessons. 


PS: Thank you guys for your prompt response.

I apologize for what happened to my last comment. I indented my responses and I guess this field doesn't take that sort of format.

@Matt...YEs, as you answer, you choose one of the four levels of memory.  If you really don't know it, you choose 10M.  Then your next time you will have it asked again within a day or two.  As you get them correct, the distance into the future gets greater and greater.  Words you miss come up more frequently.   Ones you know will be asked again in a week, two weeks, and then months.   To see the full effect you have to practice it every day for at least a month.  I was adding about 5-10 words a day and reviewing about 15.  (You can change those settings).  As I said, I would like to skip the Spanish-English questions and just do English - Spanish. I think there is a way to set that in Anki.

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