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learning english

Is it necessary to go to a class for learning english?do you know any peaple who could learn english by themself?



If we attend a language class, we can share learning with other classmates, get motivation from the learning situation and can consult the teacher. If we have strong motivation and can discipline ourselves, we can learn on our own. What we need are a dictionary, a textbook, a phrasebook and audio materials.


Just like you learned your mother toungue outside of the classroom and from listening to your parents and siblings, you can learn another language the same way at home, with the way the internet is now with the world and information literally at your finger tips this is very possible.  

Yes, it's possible, especially with all the great resources that are available to us. Classes are great for giving you an outline of how to learn and, as Hilmy said, they can be great motivation, especially if some people are not self-disciplined enough to go it alone.

It also depends on the level of language you want to reach. I have met people who have taught themselves many languages. I remember a waiter I met in Tenerife - I think he was from Egypt but I'm not sure. Anyway, he spoke 7 different languages - he couldn't write in all of them but for his needs of communication that's as all he needed.

As Louie said - if you really throw yourself into learning a language and completely immerse yourself in it then you will learn a lot. This can be very frustrating at the beginning though as you have to go through an almost child-like speaking period. Also, many people do not have the time or willpower to dedicate the necessary hours to language learning. It's tough but if its something you really want then it is most certainly possible :)


Practicing to communicate with native speakers in my opinion is the best way to do it.

Yes, Some people can learn by just simply watching videos online but the hard part is when you want to verify and test what you learned. 

I think is not necessary.


I am learning myself by Effortless English menthods and I practice to get accent by the book of ms Anna Cook. This book named "American Accent Training" I think that's an interesting book :x


In my country, I know one men who that I am very expect. He learned E by himself and he is very famous in Youtube. His name is Hung, and his American name is Bill :D He dead about 2 year :( When he alives, he bought poscard in BenThanh Market, and he learned English by watching movie for 3 years :D That's amazing :D


If u really wanna learn English, if you really love English, you will learn English by your heart, and u can get success. I believe in that :D

Thanks for all of your impressive comments im really happy now because i dont have time to go to a class and i was thinking i never can learn english very well but now i start to study very hard by myself and watch some american movie :D


I think learning through italki is more efficient than attending classes. I don't know about English (because I learned it myself before knowing about italki), but I'm learning French here and it's super efficient!:) For English, I recommend going to English corners if there's one in your city.

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