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I search a Chinese or Korean correspondant.

Hello Everyone ! 

I'm french and I learn Chinese and Korean.
I'm beginner in 2 languages...
So, I search a Chinese or Korean correspondant.  
If you are interrested for speak with me and make we friend, send me a message ;)

Thanks ! 



i`m a Chinese.i am learning english in college.i am very gald to meet you on the internet.i want make firends with you,do you?

hi, nice to meet you , can we be friend and teach each other, my skype is aaron00888

Hi Leslie, im not good at introducing myself. Pardon me. But sincerely im looking for some friends to chat in french from time to time. Plz look through my profile first. I could give u more details soon if u r interested. I do use skype. See you.

Aie yaya, Hikary, i got the message wrong, sorry ! Btw, i'm WONG(Wrong without R, my name).   ;) 


  i am chinese i live in turin,italy.if u like i can help u learn chinese and talk in chinese et french via skype. merci :)

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