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taking a shower or taking a bath?

We have many hot springs around us and many people visit when they have holidays.

even at home we usually take a bath.

its especially good in winter and it makes us warm and happy.


we wash our bodies and mind in it.


how about you?



I think it is the same. You will not change your sentence "Even at home, we usually take a bath/shower".


Hope this helps. Feel free to correct or comment if you have something in mind. XoXo

yuki san

is it the same????


I guess people around the world take only a shower....

because they dont have hot springs normaly...

No, taking a shower and taking a bath is different.

When you take a shower, you are standing under running water, whereas when you take a bath you are lying inside of the bathtub.

Hope this helps.

Szabolcs san


I didnt ask the difference between taking a shower and taking a bath.


I was wondering if people around the world take a bath or not because they dont have any hot springs and i have heard many people take a shower except japan.


thanks for comment anyway.



I only take showers here, but when I stayed in Japan I took baths from time to time. I still took showers first, but would just sit and soak in the bathtub after. It was very relaxing. Here, for some reason the feeling isn't the same if I take a bath. Maybe it's just the environment and the people make it seem out of place. 

chris san,,,


i see,,,,


its related with environment sometimes....



Mitsu san, we do take baths in the west, but perhaps not regularly, because it takes longer to fill up the tub.  Some bathrooms have a tub, some just have a standing shower.

Taking a shower.. Taking a bath is not common here because having a bathtub is not common here in my country. 

My english teacher, who is a native speakers, said that he always uses the phrase "take a shower".


I take showers. It's actually not as popular in the United States to have a bathtub. A lot people take showers only.

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