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I'm looking for a language partner

Hello everybody ! I'm new on this website and I'm looking for a friend to speak with him/her in English.. If it's possible and somebody wants like me to share our experience and have a chatt please let me know . 

Thank you very much !



Hello! My name's Alex, I'm from Russia, St.Petersburg. I'm interested in learning English. Let's talk on Skype, how do you think? My Skype ID: alexvolkov8

Hi Alex ! It's a very good idea . I know some Russian and I hope we can make progress in our learning in English. I'll add you, no problem

Sorry, it was mistake in my previouse message, my Skype ID: alexvolkov78

Hey,I'm Beno,from Algeria.I'm interested in learning english and improving my fluency in it.
my skype ID :

Hey Beno ! Thank you for your comment . I'll be happy to speak with you

i'm from Peru if you want to chat and share about culture,etc. my english is quite advanced add me skype: llevnll

I'm new too like you on this website. :) I'm from Turkey I live in İstanbul .I'm sending you 'loves' from istanbul :) Welcome

skype : redouane.agoujgal

Hello Cihan ! Nice to meet you.. I'm from Georgia . Good luck on your English !

hi i m from pakistan, i want to improve my english, if u want to chat with me my skype id "irfan89"

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