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Why are you learning a new language?

Hello.I'm learning English language because I want to emigrate to abroad. it's very important in my life.What's your reason?



Because I want to know the U.S.  It's my favorite country after Brazil. Maybe I wanna live some time there, study or work.

Oh... and because I want to teach english when I'll be more old and can't work as a criminal lawyer.

because its my hobby))


I learn english because it is international language. I want to communicate people from all over the world. Currently It's also affects almost our day to day live, watching world news, study domestic and abroad, internet, computer, smartphone. I couldn't get job without English language. Therefore English Language has major role in my life. That's why I learn English.


It's a hobby of mine. There's also a stereotype that Americans can only ever speak English and I like to resist stereotypes. :)

Honestly, because it's required on good job offers, but in the last months, I start with the idea of learning a new language just for fun.

Yeah, coz leanring new language is fun!!! Especially English for me!!!

Maybe we should ask people "why aren't you learning a new language?". :)

Because it's my personal goal, and also I want to get a better job abroad.

i like learning some different languages and learn different culture of different countries. want to make friends from different countries . i think it will be fun

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