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Would you give a second chance to a killer?


We have a hot news here in Thailand about a killer who killed his ex-girlfriend then cut her in pieces before suck it into the toilet.


He was judged to be executed but reduced to life sentence due to his collaboration. But after 8 years in prison he was free because he had good behavior in jail.


Most people in Thailand don't think he deserves a second chance because his action is beyond human acceptable. We think that it's not his temper but it's his intention to kill her ex-girlfriend. If it's his temper why he but her into pieces.


What do you think about this man? Does he deserve a second chance?



In Islam whoever kills an inocent person deserves to be killed, even if he regreted what he did he has to die because if he didn't die it won't be fair to the person who was killed and to his family 



I believe in capital punishment (executing murderers).


But here in the United States, most of the 50 states no longer execute people.


In my state, California, there are about 800 murderers waiting to be executed.  But they will probably never be executed.


If there is no doubt that an individual has murdered someone, then I feel that  she / he should be executed -- no matter how old or young the murderer is.

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