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Dreaming in another language?


Has anyone had a dream in another language? I had a teacher in high school that asked exchange students that spoke English as a second language when they started dreaming in English. I thought that was an interesting question to ask someone, so now I'm asking you. :)



Sure, this night I'll have one in french )


For me it's the question of  how long and to what extend i'm plunged into the foreign language. And such a dream is a proof i worked hard and i'm progressing.

it's the a question

my english is not good enough , however I had recently a dream in witch I spoke english fluently, and that's surprise me a lot. being always in dream, I fugured out how perfect my speaking english was. but when I woke up later I would try it again but it didn't worked, wich not surprise me  as I know my real potential :P

Can you really have dreams in a given language? I thought a dream was just a collection of images, which one can seldom recollect after awakening.

Miss Brooke

Another language is a practical tool for me to communicate with a person from another country. I study another language. I will be able to communicate with a person from another country. And I will be able to enjoy talking about small talk with a person. Here is dreaming. However I don’t reach the enjoyable level.


Yeah, I have dreamed in English and in French several times. Once I dreamed in Norwegian, but since I only know a few words the dream was basically just "Hey, how are you?" "Fine thanks, and you?".


I'm studiing English now ,It's very suffering


Every now and then I dream something in Spanish.

I have dreamed in three foreign languages, and like ayyoub, in my dream I found myself speaking them better than I do when I'm awake.  Perhaps when one is dreaming, "speaking" another language is a matter of pure mind, and the body doesn't get in the way.  Whatever the reason, it was a pleasant experience.

I really did have a dream in English when I was studying it at an institute. I think I was really sure about I was laerning, this is the only explanation I can find till now.

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