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rice or bread in the morning ?

We all use to eat rice every day in Japan but recently some eat rice, and others eat bread, and sometimes some eat nothing in the morning.


And I eat bread in the morning these days. I also drink coffee.


I eat rice and something for dinner. I dont eat bread at night.


how abou you???





soooo..... Shame on me and on my morning ration.... whatever.... Sometimes I have only coffee with milk... Sometimes nothing... I know... I know- morning breakfast should be healthfull and the-most-energy-filled.... But... I have chose every morning between sleeping 15-20 min more or having a breakfast... And, as u understand mostly I prefer SLEEPING.... Pillows are so inviting))))

Like other Asian countries, here in Malaysia we all consume rice. These days bread becomes as a staple food as rice. Especially for those who are on diets, they prefer bread in the morning. We in Malaysia are multicultural and love to taste and consume food of different cultures. For Muslim as long as it is halal, some like to go for Chinese and Japanese cuisines. All Malaysians are used to take Indian and Middleastern bread and curries as well as Chinese noodles and steamboats.

I myself prefer bread for breakfast, even though most people in my state have many choices of gravy served with rice at breakfast. Normally I skip my breakfast and take brunch. I prefer chocolate drinks to coffee or tea for the best of my digestion. For me bread is simple to keep and serve when needed.

thanks for answering me a lot!!!!


but i need more people who can answer this question because we are all different so far!!!!


or..... can i think it depends on the person??? not a region????



I definetly don't eat bread in the morning. My breakfast usually consists of a cup of coffee.

I prefer bread in the morning along with sunny side egg,coffee and oatmeal.

I love Japanese breakfast, especially raw egg on rice with shoyu. I have also been to Beijing and they make these really awesome breakfast crepes there with egg and green onions (Jian bing? 煎饼). At home, my favorite breakfast is a soft fried egg with a runny yolk, preferably on bread. Sometimes we put butter and miso on the bread. Other times, I will just eat left-overs - meaning whatever we have in the fridge, and not really "breakfast food." I never drink coffee, it gives me the jitters.

I think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I usually eat cereal with milk in the morning because it is quick, tasty, useful and satisfying.
A rice here in Ukraine is also very fond of and often eat. Yet we love to eat buckwheat and millet porridge.

In Morocco we eat the bread in the breakfast and lunch
And we eat rice in dinner and sometimes in lunch

I SEE!!!!!!


okok,,,, then to eat rice or bread or cereal is normal for human being!!!!


anyway,,, they all are from producted from farms!!!


then i can say its because of we are also from nature.



I'm a quarter japanese, and here, in Brazil, we eat bread in the breakfast. Even when I lived in Japan, I used to eat bread in the morning.

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