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Festival of light


Soon we will be celebrating Deepavali.On this day we worship goddess of wealth(Laxmi),wear new clothes,make lots of sweets and lit small earthen lamps(Deep) all over the house.




Thank you Anita,your posts are always very interesting and we can learn about your country.


Thanks Sonia.Which is the most important festival in your country and how do you celebrate?


Hello,in Uruguay we celebrate Christmas,but mostly in a non religious way,i mean,it´s the day when the family gets togheter,and thay have a graet meal,and even if we live in the southern hemisphere,we celebrate like our distant ancestors from Europe.Some people go to church (Catholic), in many houses we have a Christmas tree,and even a "pesebre" (manger).


Sonia,In India every festival is part of religion.Always a story behind that why we celebrate and how we should celebrate.For each festval we have fixed menu or certain dishes has to be cooked on that particular day.

आनीटा-जी, isn't राम का जीत over रावण भी a part of दीपावली? मेरे american-भारतीयों दोस्त have said something बारे में it. आप explain कर सकते हैं? दीपावली के लिए fixed menu क्या है? 

धन्यवाद अपनी posts के लिए, वे बहुत दिलचस्प हैं. 

I hope my "hinglish" is understandable and not too funny sounding. (I'm trying to use more hindi over time.)


Deepavali is also celebtrated for 'Ram home coming'after the victory over Ravan.Here for Diwali dinner diffrent communities have diffrent menu.You can google for Diwali sweets.In my house traditionaly we cook simplest food for Diwali,that is moong, rice and kadi(not curry).How come you are learning Hindi and Gujrati?

क्योंकि, दुनिया में, हिन्दी one of the most spoken भाषाएँ है. भी, हॉस्टन में, मैं कहाँ रहता हैं, of all the भारतीय लोग,  there seems to be बहुत गुजरातियों. That said, हिन्दी मेरा primary focus है, गुजराती secondary है.

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