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How to learn a language?


Here are some questions about language learning, let us benefit each other and share our knowledge.
Now, let’s suppose you’re learning Arabic or English or any language,

What is the process that you followed when you started learning this language?


How do you study it? Do you work on a specific plan?


What kind of techniques do you use, is there any specific technique that worked well with you?


Do you often meet your deadlines? If not, what do you do? Give up and feel frustrated or keep moving forward? Or change the strategy?


Do you have fun learning? if yes, how? 


In your opinion what's the most important factor in learning a language? 


Eager to read your comments, and to hear your thoughts.






I am not an expert about this topic but I am going to share some ideas from my little experience. I think that the best way to learn languages is by mimicking the way you learn your mother tongue. I am not saying that it will take the same amount of time but for me it has been working and I am feeling like a kid who is learning his mother tongue. The first step is to listen to as many and as much as you can your target language. Preferably by a native speaker who speaks with a proper grammar and using common vocabulary (Like your parents or relatives when you were learning your mother tongue). Repeat a lot the same phrases and conversation (I know it is boring but this is necesary if you want to remember this sentences in your long term memory). Try to mimic the way your teacher or friend or an actor from a movie speaks. Don´t worry about making mistakes because the more you listen your target language the more quickly and accurately you will speak your target language. I enjoy watching kids learning spanish because I have learned a lot from them, specially when they start to speak, they are eager to speak in spanish, they don´t worry about making mistakes and they ask many questions if they don´t understand something. They make a lot of grammar mistakes all the time, and you as an adult will give them feedback. Eventually as they grow older they speak better and better. Finally they learn how to read and how to write and finally they learn grammar rules for polishing their writing. and they have to read many books for earning some new vocabulary and they continue learning until they die.

Well I think you must mix many techniques to let you improve all habilities: reading, writting, speaking and listening:

I Just to use books(specially with audio files) with any site that explains grammar step by step..

you can try to imitate what you are listening.. Something that I always do is to listen to music in my target language all the time.. at the beginning it doesn't matter if you understand or not... what I do first is too feel more closer to the language, and being more familiar with all new sounds (i use to read the lyrics while I'm listening to it).. 

about writting... sites like this one is very useful.

It is important for me to continue studying English. I think it is necessary to devise a kind of method on my own. In my case, measure of TOEIC, taking TOEIC, reading aloud by my favorite sentences, writing English on italki, making friends who are good at English, and others. I’m Japanese. I have been studying English for 2years in Japan.



That I can add: Practicing is the key of everything. Therefore, what makes people different is their way using for practicing. We cannot really make sure that method is good and this one isn't it, because it depends about that person doing and his strategy for learning. One thing should be known is about the reasons! It's very important to know the reason for you are learning this language. For me, I do like learning the other languages because I would like to use them for teaching my own language and culture. 

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