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Music makes the world go around!!!

what is music for you? 

help me!!




Music is something that puts me in a good mood! I listen to music everyday.

For me, music is something that makes me feel confident.

music for me is good for relax

music is my real food who's everyday i'm looking for


Music is something that soothe my mind.
Music can make me relax and dance, even cry.
Each song I like has their own story.
Overall, music has a good effect for me.

That's all :). 


music is my engine

Music is the best thing the human being has created. I love listening to music....especially i love rock, and the genres in relation with it.NIRVANA is one of my favorites bands

I think , Music is something which relieves people and I can't think a life without music.

First of all for me music is a good feeling. I like listen a different kind of music. Basically I prefer a rock. My favourite group is Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Metallica and etc. 

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