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friendship between man and woman

Can boys and Girls Be Just best Friends? or

Does it always become in an attraction?




Beautiful women are not so lucky men friendship :/


I think boys and girls can be just friends. I had more male friends than female when I was in high school and I never became attracted to any of them. But it is natural to develop romantic feelings for someone you spend a lot of time with. It happens all the time!

Under different cultural backgoround , you could get the different answer to the same question . In most more open countries , many people would say it is absolutely possible . I have seen so many men or girls said that .  I suppose most people living in those areas are so straight in sex and love , so it is easy to identify if you are the right person to fall in love . If you were not a good lover , you would classified as forever good friends or even acquaintances .  On the contracy , in some conservative areas , most people disagree with this assumption . The majority of people living in those more conservativce area would regard it is impossible to make real , honest friends with another gender . Maybe this problem could be looked through from deep layer , soul of the whole society .


As far as I am concerned , I think it is possible to have good stable relationship with girls , however, it is hard to sustain once you get married . For most couples , love is exclusive and impossible to share with some other people even they are real friends .



I think friendship between man and woman can be. It's up to people. But accordig to statistics marriage is the most successful after long friendship)))))). To my mind it's logical. So there are a lot of instances when ''just friendship'' becomes real love. 

Anyway We should have friends of the opposite gender. In some cases it will help you to understand more about women(especially) or men that will be useful in your relationships. 

It depends on the frequency they spend each other everyday and the feeling. Sometimes it works sometimes not.

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