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sibling relationships...

Do you think that a relationship between friends can ever be as strong as the relationship and loyalty that exist between siblings? there is this irony; siblings fight and quarrel more than friends perhaps but for the most part are there for each other throughout their lives moreso than friends. In your culture, are extended family relationships as important as sibling relationships? (I'm thinking mainly about cousins here) I think maybe in American culture siblings tend to be closer than cousins, at least in my experience. (I could go on to other topics such as how birth order affects personality; younger siblings, I believe, sometimes have problems establishing their own identities and develop a dislike of injustice because older siblings are often oppressive and tyrannical. But this is not the place for that) : D



Maybe the answer to your question varies from person to person. I think, friends can be very dear and close but not like siblings. I might argue with my sister or brther, but I forget it in a few minutes. We forgive each other very easily. We lived together for a long time and have had happy and sad moments together. I think the value we give to a person or thing is dependednt on the time we spent togehter! If you grew up with a friend or with your cousine for example, that person would be very special to you or like a sibling.  

Do you know relatives or siblings are the most trouble (or dreadful ) things in you life . If they were your friends , I suppose they would know this crucial word "RESPECT" . Among the relationship , Respect has been put into oblivision .They do not regard they need to respect you as you are junior and they do not care your feeling as you are family  . You have to serve for them as you are junior .  Friends would not take this for granted by any means . Some of your relatives of siblings would regard they are senior to teach you something which could be feudalism or backward looking. If they were your friends , they would not do that way , I guess . Every problem roots in that fact your are relatives or siblings . I dislike some of them .

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