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Can you learn a foreign language by learning its grammar?

In many countries a foreign language can be easily taught whereas  in some countries can't.

Should curriculum bechanged in those countries where students cannot speak a foreign language.

How many hours a d week do children take lessons? Is 2-3 enogh or should it be about 20 hours?

What do you think about the wrong foot?



No, I can’t. I think that it is necessary for learning language to practice speaking, listening, writing, and reading as well as grammar. I have been studying English for 2years. I try to keep balance. I think that diversification of proper method is needed in order to continue studying language.

I think English grammar is very hard, it is so different from Chinese. Though I have been learning English for ten years, my English is still very bad. I just learn basic English in school and I don't practice it much after class. I think learning one to two hours a day is enough and in addition, grammar is important but I think speaking is more important than grammar. 

I can tell you as a ESL teacher in Taiwan, time is not the issue. I have students that literally spend 20 hours a week studying, cramming vocabulary for years.... but they still can't speak or write very well. The important thing is to have an interest or a motivation. 


Right now, I'm learning German in a class full of Chinese students. My goal is to be able to pass A1 by the end of the semester. However, this teacher and students aren't motivated to learn. They are still "stuck" on the first few pages of the textbook. Meticulously memorizing each word and yet when I ask them "How are you?" They have to pause to think of the answer.


I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tell me students if you don't use it you loss it. So, if you learn a new word that you think is pointless don't waste your time memorizing how it works. Also, I believe accents are one of the most important things. If no one can understand you, why learn a FL to communicate with others?

I believe in America grammar is taught in schools but the significance does not leak through to daily life. In general Americans are known for their poor grammer of their native language. Really we adapted this language from another region and we did it very poorl. I can completely understand other people with poor grammar, but I know their mistakes. So to answer your question I think that I can understand someone with very poor grammar of English but big mistakes are sad, like people don't even care about their own language.


In defense their our always teachers who want to tell you something different about grammar , so it gets confusing. In general children from five-eighteen years of age spend five hours a week learning English, so not only grammar but this includes: vocabulary, history of literature, research papers, etc.

I do apologize. I know there are many errors in my English above and in my defense it is really late and I must be going to bed.


Your response reminded me of a story called "愚公移山 <a href="">(A stupid man Yu Gong's approach to moving a mountain)</a> " that almost every teacher and parent in Taiwan would teach their kids. The moral of the story is that it doesn't matter how slow and small the progress is, as long as one is absolutely persistent and adamant, there is no goal he can't reach in the end.

Unwavering determination and effort is valued highly in Chinese culture. Yu Gong is thought of as a role model to learn from and a hero to be admired.

I just thought maybe some of us Taiwanese brothers and sisters can start re-examining how some of these unquestionable ancient traditional values we hold so dearly are actually holding us back in this day and age.



I  agree with you though, but these traditions and values come from the Chinese Dynasties. Where taking a government exam ment the different between a like of luxury and a life of a poor man. I would really like to do a study on how the amount of cram school in a country effects test results in Toefl and Ielts scores. My prediction would be that a high concentration of cram/language school will have an inverse effect of scores. Ex: A country with more cram school will perform poorly compared to countries with less cram school.



I find your criticism very harsh, but understandable. When you talk of poor grammar usage, are you talking about teenagers or the population as a whole? The internet has really changed how the younger generations communicate with the world.

I think it helps to read in that language. It makes you get used with their style of expressing themselves

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