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What is your favorite show in English?

My favorite show is American Horror Story <3



I really like sitcoms, How I met your mother and the Big Bang Theory are my favourite ones.

I like the Big Bang theory

The Walking Dead,but its too bloody!

Mr . bean show is my favorest drama . I think it is interesting and humorous for most people . It is performed by simple scenarios which can make you laugh in heart .

I really love Cake Boss ^^!

Bates Motel, Arrow, American Horror Story, Walking Dead, Charmed, Buffy the vampire Slayer, 7th Heaven, legend of the seeker, V, Defiance

Breaking bad,Doctor Who,Game Of Thrones.

If I can find a time to watch TV Series, of course The Big Bang theory :)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Breaking Bad, and Rome.

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