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What is your favorite song?

I am music lover, and I'm looking for good songs to listen to, My favorite music is Salsa, but I like many others like bossa nova, rock, etc.



Thanks for posting Yustitia, I heard the songs I like them, but I like the 1st one the most "impossible".

have you ever heard Everything of Lifehouse, I like it, probably you like it too =)

id like k-pop, so my favourite is:

1. 2NE1 - Missing you

2. Basker Basker - Cherry Blossom Ending

3. ALi - Carry On



I like # 1 and 3, the video clips are also good. There is a song of female K-pop group that I like but I don't remenber the lyrics, just the melody :-)


me gusta un monton de musica diferente :)

ahora estoy escuchando esa lista para dormirme

That's a cool song. me gusto mucho es kiss me like you wanna be in love, rigth?

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