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Are you really good at phrasal verbs?

There are a lot of phrasal verbs, really a lot of them. That's why is a little hard for me to understand them well, what about you? Do you get along with PV? Or you prefer to avoid them?



Oscar, saludos.  One can't really avoid phrasal verbs in English; they are "part and parcel" (an essential and integral part) of the English language.  And even if you try to avoid phrasal verbs, the people you speak with, and the things you read, won't.  So, one must "take the bull by the horns" (deal with a difficult situation, and not avoid it) and learn phrasal verbs as part of your vocabulary building!  Good luck to you!

Es curioso que un tema como este, que es tan importante, motive tan pocas respuestas. Yo hice una pregunta similar un mes atrás y me pasó lo mismo. Ahora, puedo sugerirte que veas el sitio   Allí puedes encontrar los verbos más comunes, y las preposiciones más comunes, con ejercicios que te permiten tener una sólida base en este tópico.

Una observación: sin una sólida base en phrasal verbs, no es posible leer titulares de periódicos. Sin embargo, en los sitcoms, usualmente los personajes están en situaciones informales y no utilizan tantos phrasal verbs. Ignoro el motivo.

You can't neglect it .phrasal verbs are very important .i also have this problem.make a sentence using them ,this may help you memorize them.


It definitely an essential if you want to learn how to effectively express yourself in a language (not just English!).  I agree with Basma and Neil. It's not something you can avoid.

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