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French Music

My French teacher insists that listening to music will help improve my French and so I was wondering if anyone knows some good songs?? I prefer pop/alternative genres but am open to others.




Edith Piaf (Padam padam; La vie en Rose; Non, Je ne regrette rien.. )

Joe Dassin (Et si tu n'existe pas; L'ete indien; Salut, A toi .. ), 

Pierre Bachelet – Emmanuelle

Marie Laforêt -Manchester et Liverpool.

Yves Montand – Sous le ciel de Paris


Garou  (Je N'Attendais Que Vous; Quand Je Manque de Toi; Gitan ..)

Grégory Lemarchal  (SOS D'Un Terrien En Détresse;  Je Rêve;  Je t'écris; Je Suis En Vie.. )

Coeur de Pirate -Place de la Republique

M. Pokora – Si Tu Pars

Mylène Farmer  (Innamoramento;  California;  Appelle Mon Numéro;  L'amour N'est Rien .. )

Zaz (Je veux, Les Passants;  Eblouie Par La Nuit;  La pluie;  Port Coton..)

Stromae (Papa ou t'es, Alors on Danse; Formidable )

charles aznavour: la mama, la boheme


I am used to learn French 7 years ago. But Now I have hardly remember a phrase or a word :D. In fact I really like to listen to french music. Someone can give us some romantic songs


If the main goal of your listening is language-oriented, I would suggest you listen to the great French chansonniers like Georges Brassens, Jacques Brel (ok, he was a Belgian, but sang in French), Charles Trénet, etc.

I also like Francis Cabrel (esp. "Petite Marie", "L'encre de tes yeux", "Il faudrait leur dire"), Michel Sardou and more.



When you listen to the lyrics of a song in your native language, you may notice that the pronunciation and the intonation may be altered to follow the rhythm of the music. That is why it is better to listen to everyday dialogues between native people, discussions on the radio, movies on the television or event better read, listen and repeat everyday dialogues. The last action will impove rapidly reading and listening comprehension and will improve your pronunciation.



Emmanuel Moire, Florent Mothe. 


Écoute aussi quelques programms ou Podcast de RFI. 

The biggest hit of the year (truly talented artist)


Pop / Rock








Folk (from the great French Canadians)


Nasty French Girl (only if you want to shok your professor)




Do you like folk/ballad/pop songs ?

De Palmas is very famous and I love his music: (quite slow)

Je l'aime a mourir is the most beautiful song ever.

haha well ,i'm a native french girl , and if you like some kind of bans such as mgmt, vampire weekend, phoenix, two doors cinema club, well there's not many choice in french, at least maybe BB brunes even though i don't really listen them . But there's other songs that are really beautiful to hear

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