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share your recent good news

Hello Italki members..


Please share your recent good news in your life. we'd like to be part of your happiness and want to reduce other sorrow by our good news....


My recent good news is- 


Last week, My cousine gave birth to new baby girl, she is very very cute:):) Both mother and child are good. 


thank you in advance:) 




Hello, Gudkuti.

Congratulations for your cousin. I graduated from the faculty of veterinary medicine 3 months ago and i began to study Spanish cause i like it a lot. I passed level 2 a week ago. See you.

Congratz.. Good news is it is already semestral break means no class bad news is if I will able to pass the last sem.

Congratulations to your cousin and her new baby :)


My good news - I got accepted onto my TESOL (English teaching) course :)

Congratulations for your cousin. I was registered as a licensed tax accountant in Japan last month. I will work on my own responsibility. I’m happy but uneasy. Do my best.

congrats yaar . By the way for me good news is that my third semister has been finished and enjoying breaks but the bad news is that I don't want see my result .... of this sem. 

I have gradually found out my way to work out my distress and  I have made more friends on italki to pratice my language .

I don't really have great news because I have a horrible cold and it's hard to feel happy. I will be moving into a bigger apartment soon, that is exciting.

Firstly..Congratulations to your cousin and her new baby  nd also u....:)

ma gud news is dat i hv spent sometime wid ma family after a longtime..:) 

nd hv eaten homemade food after longtime...;) :P

mi buena noticia es k cumplo años hoy gracias a dios por ello

digodigo k hoy cumplo años gracias a dios por ello

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