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Chinese Medicine

What do you think of chinese medicine?



I know that Chinese medicine is practiced and coveted in Switzerland.

Mix of modernity and tradition :)

I have taken some short courses on Chinese Medicine before.  I found it rather difficult, especially the part on "yin" vs "yang".  I don't know how to distinguish a person who is lack of "yin" and a person who is lack of "yang".  However, I think Chinese Medicine is amazing.  It can cure many diseases that cannot be explained in "western medicine".


What does it cure? I've never heard that before.


I think like alternative medicine if it worked it would be just be called Medicine.


I also read that many animals are hunted because of it so I'm against those medicines especially as there is no scientific basis. 



Yes I read that tens of thousands of rhinos have been slaughtered for their horns for Traditional Chinese Medicine. It's horrific.  Also rhino horns are made of largely the same substance as human hair (keratin) so it's not only barbaric but stupid.



@Mimi & Matt. I feel terrible too when seeing someone slaughtering endangered species in the name of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In fact, Traditional Chinese Medicine mostly uses herbs as its materials. Traditional Chinese Medicine theories, like Qi xue,jing-luo,acupuncture point etc cannot be observed or understood by modern science. When we cannot fully understand something, it would be rude to judge it as only barbaric but stupid.


Western medicine is good at solving problems appears. It has a good efficiency. However, sometimes, its side-effect is severe. Traditional Chinese Medicine takes more time which makes it not suitable for patients in emergency station. Because it starts from the very beginning of the problem. It sees a human body as a little cosmos, things are connected,for example, eyes and liver. 

I like chinese medicine, especially it views body as a whole system instead of parts. It is undeniable that chinese medicine provides a different theory to keep people healthy. 

I agree with mariache that traditional Chinese medicine mostly uses herbs as the material.  However, some people take in products made from endangered animals.  This should not be regarded as traditional Chinese medicine.


Whether you like the traditional Chinese medicine or not may depend on your culture and/or diet.  A lot of Chinese will take Chinese medicine when they don't feel well or when they want to keep better health.  On the other hand, westeners may not believe in Chinese medicine since they have different culture.  Also, since they have different diets and habits, Chinese medicine may not be effective to them.


I was refering specifically to the rhino horn as barbaric but stupid.


However I'm not sure what you mean by acupuncture not being able to be observed by science. Simple get a group who take proper acupunture and a group with pretend acupunture and another group with a different remedy for example for back pain and see what the results are.


In this case the pretend acupuncture did as well as the real acupuncture. Most cases I've seen show it working with the same results as a placebo. The placebo effect is very interesting.

It tastes so bitter! But it works much better than "regular medicine".

I've always had a bad skin condition and I've tried all the creams and the pills that "modern medicine" could give me,... without any relief.

My friend introduced me to Chinese herbal medicine two years ago and it works! It saved my skin!


Thank you thousands of years old Chinese medicine! :)

@Mimi. I see.

It's the patients' problem for believing that they're cured.

I mean, anatomy and X-rays etc. could not help us actually see their existence.

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