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how improve speaking skill?




watch as much movies and tv series and english channals as you can, so your ears get used to english words and pronounciations. listen audio books and radios whenever you are. and start talking! find some friends and regularly talk with them. if you can find a nitive english speaker, it'll be the best possible help for improving your speaking.


absolutely agree with you.

@Soshyans : Good advice :) The first I think U should practice the writing skill. If you frequently write and speak a lot of easy structure then you can talk the simple conversation with your friend. Simultaneously You are used to ofen listened english music and read english newspaper whenever you are.


If you want to get good at anything then you should do that thing consistently while focusing on improving from week to week.


So, in my opinion, you will succeed by finding three or four language partners who can challenge you intellectually and who will speak with you regularly.



I think it is difficult to find some language partners to talk me regularly. 

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