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I can't understand people's motivation, who learn Russian. I don't say, that it is bad language, or it    not intresting language, of course no! but...

It's very difficult language for foreigner. Moreover, I got the distinct feeling, that Russia isn't loved everywhere. So it happened, that Russia was always feared And contrasted other countries. What does force man learnthat, what he dislike. Russian tourists also haven't got a good authority. Maybe, i'm wrong. 

Of course, many people speak in Russian, but it doesn't official, for example, as English. 80% from all the information are in English. I can't imaging, what must be motivation for man, that he learns Russian for live here, in Russia.


Can you tell me, why are you learning Russian? What is your motivation?



Katerina, I respect you opinion! You're not the only one Russian that thinks in the same way.

But some people is just curious about how to speak it, I have been studying Russian. Iny opinion os not that difficult as I thought it was.... Maybe for a foreign person as me, the hardest part to learn in Russian is the pronunciation.

In my opinion Spanish is harder to Russian, because in every single country is so different.... Did you know about Spanish is divided in 35 different ways to speak it??? Slangs and ways to say things,are totally different for every single Hispanic country.

Hmm, what the interesting view point.

According to the official sources of information, the most wydely spoken language all over the world is Chinese. But, I agree with you in one position, english is the most used language in the world among foreigners.
Please, tell me, why you have decided, that the russian language is by far more difficult than others? And why do you suppose, that our people aren't respected by other ones? What influenced you, your thoughts?
Believe me, I travel a lot, and your words truly surprised me.
In other words, I think, your post isn't appropriate in this context.


Great question Katerina. As an American currently living in Moscow and studying Russian, that is always the first question from Russians. "Why Russia?!" and "Why learn Russian?!" For me, studying the language is because I am fascinated with Russia, Russian history, and literature. Studying the language is just a natural reaction after years of studying Russia. Additionally, knowing Russian is neccessary for my academic and hopefully professional career.

I also think that many Russians that ask these questions have negative views of their country. For instance, some of my peers here are still confused why I would come from the US to here voluntarily. Am I correct in this assumption?

A good friend of mine is learning Russian because her fiance is Ukranian and speaks a lot of Russian. She tells me how easy the grammar is, but how difficult everything else is. Not only that she is fascinated with the language and whats to fit in better when she goes to visit his family with him.

I often wonder why so many people would want to speak in English other then that a lof of other people speek in English. This sounds like an important reason when socialising with me around the world, but I don't see how someone could be charmed or fascinated by modern English. I probably think this way though because it is my native language, just like how Russian is yours.

I also have the impression that Arabic is an impossile language to learn , and that people who learn it are really exceptional. 

But to answer your question , I happen to entertain the idea every now and then to start learning russian , because it sounds really cool.

As to what you said about Russia being hated in the world , I disagree with that.It's just cultural differences.

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