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How to make friend here?

How to make friends here?



just make .(*^__^*) 

Just ask questions and write notebook entries. People studying the same language will add you. If you don't show any study activity, well then you just don't get noted. I see you have only correct one notebook entry and wrote this discussion. You should do more than that.

You have to be active,and show taht you are really interested in language learning.You can anyway try to get friends,it´s up to them to answer you.

Best wishes,and I hope you can make good friends here!


The same way you do them out there :)




Following and chatting)

all of us are your friends, we here to learn languages

Leave your message and communicate with some other people .

Browse members, answer questions, follow discussions, I hope you'll find some people with common interests. And also make sure that your profile description describes you well. 

giving the qutions n answers .n following the discussions is a gud way of make a friends frm here.

for my points of view. 

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