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What do you love the most about your country?

What do you love the most about your country?Which festival is your favorite and which custom do you like the most?What is your favorite place and what is nice to visit in your country?



Here in the US, I love the countryside. Malls and theme parks are nice places to hang out but they eventually become boring, just my opinion. July 4th, Thanksgiving day, Christmas and New Year's are the holidays that I love. If you're in school, then you're off on most federal holidays as well as government employees. If you work, you get double pay or overtime. 


In the Philippines, the population is so diverse. I love going to the malls over there. I'm looking forward to going to the Mall of Asia (the biggest mall in Asia). I haven't been there for a long while. There are lots of tourists as well as both European and American expats. From what I've seen on Youtube, visitors from Eastern Europe love the climate. They say it's one of the best places to go to escape the Siberian winter. Customs? We love to socialize around food. The food is just as diverse. Each region has its own specialty. The places you can go to are the white sand beaches, hundred islands, historical monuments (especially of the Spanish Era) and even underwater lakes. I'm sure there are a lot more of which I've never been too.


@Teddy bear: Sorry, I'm a native of two languages. What about Serbia? What places can a tourist go to? What about the cuisine? What holidays do you look forward to?

I love the people itself.. I love how we can laugh at a very simple and nonsense things. I love the beach, mountains and natures. I love the fruits etc..   my favorite festival is the festival in my city Kadayawan it is fesival of good harvest everything seems so cheap during those months because it is the seasons where most trees produce fruits.



Ayad - I didn't know tower of babel and hanging gardens was located in your country I wish I could go to your country and see those.

@Ayad: Iraq's ancient name is Mesopotamia, right? I wish I could get to see Nebuchadnezzar's gardens and relics from the Greco-Persian Empire. (e.g., Darius, Sargon of Akkad)

I do love Chinese food. Because there are many different cuisines like Cantonese cuisine , Shangdong cuisine and Sichuan cuisine, which can satisfy different needs for delicious food. Among them, my favourite is Sichuan cuisine which usually cook food in a pungent and spicy way. Hot pot is very popular around China.

I love the western part of The United States, where there are gorgeous green mountains, beautiful waterfalls and rivers, and especially the coastline. Oregon is my favorite place in the country. There is so many magical things going on there.

Chile: I love people because if we have problems, we can laugh and joke about it. I like the food, we have many foods like empanadas, paila marina, cazuela (chicken, potatoes, rice or noodles) and we have landscapes, desert (Atacama) to green forest (south of Chile). My favorite place is Valdivia, a city in the south, there are rivers, forests and beach. The favorite festival is La Vendimia (harvest celebration of wine grapes), there are wine samples, music, fairs, skewer, barbecue, fishes and more things.

Thanks everybody for nice comments. :)

Now i should tell something about my country:

Serbia have a lot of tourists places and manifestation.Famous music manifestations are Exit and Guča.A lot of tourists come because of that.We have nice places for rest(beautiful mountains,rivers,lakes).

Famous national meal is ˝sarma˝ and tourist love to eat that.Serbs love music and celebrations and we are hospitable.

We have really good sportist like Novak Đoković,Ana Ivanović,Vlade Divac...

I like our history, are a lot of nice history monuments to visit
















Places?many! If you want Spanish remnants? Vigan, Pampanga, Manila, Bohol, Cebu, Dapitan
If you want Ancient filipino, Baguio city, Abra, the whole Cordillera Administrative Region
If you want to see how diverse our country is in terms of Biodiversity? Visit PALAWAN and the infamous Tubattaha Reef :)

What else?come!


What do I like most in our country?

The Climate and the scenic places located in every place and in every island.:)

we have so many beaches. One of these is the Boracay!

We have so many FESTIVALS here. LUZON, VISAYAS and MINDANAO-- whoo so many festivals and celebrations either religious or cultural :)

I love our Culture here. the Culture is diverse. 7,100 Islands= Diversity.

What I love most being a Filipino is our iconic HOSPITALITY and CLOSE FAMILY TIES :)


Here in Turkey i love how our people are exactly different from each other, different styles,different preferences...But when it comes to protecting each other or our country they become one. I also love my country's deep history and foods. As a festival i love the Nevruz. There are many historical places here, all of them can be your favourite. ^^ 

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