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In your opinion, what is the best way to learn Spanish?

In terms of self-learning - using the internet (which sites?)/textbook learning (which books?). 


I have recently started learning Spanish and I would like to acquire a good basic understanding of the language before I start getting lessons and wanted to ask people on the site, what methods they have found most effective. 


Thank you for any answers.



Yo estoy aprendiendo inglés, y me está yendo muy bien usar las numerosas apps del móvil que te ayudan a aprender. Siempre tienes el móvil a mano y en cualquier rato libre puedes ponerte a estudiar.

Hi! The website "" is pretty good with its lessons. It can help you to build a good foundation. Wordreference is hands down the best online dictionary/forum. This site and are good for finding penpals/language partners.

With practice... I can help you. 

Hi Marcus,


This link will provide the best free resources to start learning Spanish from levels A1, A2 to more advanced levels B1 and B2. Please, check them out because it has everything you need to start learning Spanish:




Hope this helps.

You should give it a try to music, it's a really good way for practicing.

Have you tried "" ?

I have just found the site and, tbh I like the way they teach Spanish.

Livemocha. com is a website where I first learnt Spanish, here on the website you can also practise your skill in pronunciation and writing.
there are 4 Level (beginner - advanced) and you will be taught from video, grammars, vocab, writing and speaking exercise. :). I learnt a lot from this site. Very useful site :). Give it a try!

And yes, I also learn new vocab and how to pronunce the words from spanish songs as well.

Buena suerte :)


Thank you for the advice, I appreciate it.

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