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which place are you confortable to sleep?

for me, I sleep on Futon or on the desk.


Im not sure why im so confortable to sleep on desk.


Long time ago, some of Ninja(japanese spy) sleeps on one tree for training.


which place are you confortable to sleep?





on my sweet bed cant sleep any where except my bed 

On my bed or couch

Do you know there is a new invention , branded as "lazy bone " .  That is a newly designed flexible sofa to get into sleep easily . At all events , to sleep in my house is supposed to be the most comfortable for me .

HAHAHA anywhere except comfort room :D

thanks for answering!!!


Do you know that most of japanese sleep well in the TRAIN???





I can sleep any where as long as i am tired. 

in my university classes :D 

lol... i completely agree you.

I can sleep anywhere, usually on the desk during the day. I'm comfortable to sleep on a large and floppy place (it can be a carpet too). ^^

anywhere as long as I am away from my computer...

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