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Have you ever travelled in Vietnam?

Have you ever travelled in  Vietnam?

How do you feel about my country: the weather, the people, the trafic, ect...:D




No, I havent haha :D

I have friends there:)

By the way, we are just neighbors haha. Im from Philippines.

hero-kim hi, nice to meet u :D I hope that one day I can travel in Phipippines :D

Oh really? HAHA yeah Inform me if you will visit PHILIPPINES haaah :D i will be your guide XD

Yeah yeah same here. :) by the way, why do you want to visit Philippines?:)

because I have a big dream: going to all countries in the world :-P

Oh!Continue dreaming and aiming :)

Do your best to fulfill your dreams! :D 

I seldom travel to anywhere. But I walk through a lot of street in HCM city everyday :).

PS : I am only teased about your question :)

tks u hero-kim :D

strongagngel :-P


Vietnam is beautiful. I was there last year and loved the country. My favourite part was the cooking classes I took, they were cheap and very well run. I'm hoping to return in the next few years. 

AngOst I hope that I will meet you in my country in the near future :D


The traffic was an experience, and how you have to walk through it. Very dangerous but an experience.


I had a good time although I disliked the vendors and how no one queues for things but pushes in. I also would recommend people to travel independently and not to sign up for tours there.

I liked the food and cheap alcohol :)


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