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Cardial Direction in Other Languages

What are the words for east, north, south and west in your language?




If you list all four directions, which order do you use? In English it is usually: north, south, east, west.




If you talk about a direction in the middle, which order do you combine the words (or is it a different word)? In English: northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest.



in chinese:

North- 北
South- 南
East- 东
West- 西


北方 南方  东方 西方

In Finnish we have:

pohjoinen (north)

itä (east)

etelä (south)

länsi (west) in that order.


For the directions in between, it's:

koillinen (northeast)

kaakko (southeast)

lounas (southwest, also means lunch but that's not really relevant)

luode (northwest)

Północ (North), Południe (East), Wschód (South), Zachód (West)



północny wschód, północny zachód, południowy wschód, południowy zachód.

In Filipino:


Hilaga (North)

Timog (South)

Silangan (East)

Kanluran (West)


We rarely use it in conversations. We always say it in English.

In Uruguay we use this order:






(may be it´s like the sign of the cross...)


noreste   noroeste

sureste   suroeste

In Turkish:

North - Kuzey

South - Güney

East - Doğu 

West - Batı 

Northeast - Kuzeydoğu

Northwest - Kuzeybatı

Southeast - Güneydoğu

Southwest - Güneybatı 

in arabic:


شمال (North)

جنوب (South)

شرق (East)

غرب (West)


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