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bilingual country

bilingual country

What do you think about country bilingue or country near with language different ? There are any problem for comunication, social politic or cultural?



I think they are very lucky,either they live in bilingual countries or in families where mother and father speak different languages. People grow up learning two languages easily.

The Philippines is a bilingual country. English is the language used in school and in the government. Learning and speaking English is also mandatory in private schools. Tagalog is commonly used when communicating with locales. However, most Tagalog speakers don't speak straight in Tagalog. The growing dialect among the population both domestic and international is Taglish (a combination of Tagalog and English). This contains a lot of borrowed English words and wrong grammar. University students who take Filipino classes learn grammar. Pure Tagalog is as eloquent as Old English from the Victorian era. Communication issues don't occur among locales. It does occur among tourists who are learning the language as they are taught pure Tagalog.

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