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LAZINESS is evil or can be a feature of talent people.


Maybe it is nonsense but I heard from my close psychologists that lazy humans are more talented because  their laziness forces them keep seeking the shortest path to success. So their solutions are more genius ones compared with ones of hard-working humans.



i am lazy girl, but i am generaly lazy, i mean i even am lazy to think about paths to solve problems . so ur friend's opinion doesn't work about me! :p nothing is worse than lazyness in my opinion!
 i guess lazyness means there are few things which motivate u to act and to move!

haha:) thank you. I knew that someone would finally appreaciate it. :)

I am lazy only deadline or too much hunger beats my laziness.

haha your words make me happy , am talented :)

The fact you mentioned it's hard to belive, but it's something that can happen.


I think we all need to be a little bit lazy in order to relax and clear our minds. We live in a go go go! culture but I don't think we are designed to be running around like crazy people and I don't believe in having every minute of your day scheduled. We all need some time to recuperate. Sleeping helps our bodies recover, but I think the only way to let your mind recover is by having some lazy time each day. Maybe I'm just a lazy person :)

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