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what is the first job u got after u graduate?

what is the first job u got after u graduate? do u like it ? r u still keep doing it ?? why ?



Hi, Its Irfan,  i m student, I like I.T related jobs.

My first job is software engineer in a foreign company. I like that job coz i learned a lot. 

I think private tutor could be the best spot in my life time . That was my part time job , so I quit it long time ago . However, I still miss my students from time to time . It is a memorable experience .

Software developer

data entry i dont like it because it was very bored job so i left it

@Irfan。。。。ahh   u still young and have no trouble with finding a job

@Fred  software engineer sounds needs a  lot of  professional skill.........

@allen   your private tutor job must be  about english....obviously,your english's level is much over than my teacher.why u quiteed it ? i think private tutor have more free time and as my  know a good english private tutor can earn a lot in china due to the Entrance...

@Ahmad ALAZMI  u began with a manager not a assiatant manager? how can u do that? 

@Chris   like app?? how long will u/ your team spent to create a new thing successfully?

@M.A.L.I.K   data entry sounds dull indeed. so  what is the most interesting job you have done?

I will be my job psychologist right now maybe after a period Open the Special my project

@atheer I am curious about how a psychologist solve the negative emotion that given by patients ?

I am curious why you posed such a question . Just for English learning or is there anything you want to share with us .

@allen   我准备毕业了在困惑呢。。。。。。。。

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