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The toss of a coin.


Do you ever decide things by the toss of a coin?


I like to go on and make decisions. Sometimes not making a decision is worse than not choosing the best option. If an option is good enough, if both options are more or less equal, I often just throw up a coin, the toss of the coin decides my path.



Well, if the decision turns out to be bad luck later, wouldn't you get filled up with remorse by letting luck deciding on your life like that?

...oh wait, or is that from a quote?

You experience is little different from mine . In my conception , to do nothing is often better than making a wrong choice . As a consequence , I do not toss a coin to decide what I am going for if there is compelling evidence to identify .


I do not know Ciders, tell me?


Anyway, please not that it's used when making a choice between two equally bad or good options. And I have never regretted it so far.

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