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You Think ? At War

What do you think at war , Is Sword superior or information superior ? 


I think , I'm a Turkish so Sword is superior.Because We think(As counrty) , We have fought all our history along.



There is a saying in English (which originally comes from an old screenplay); "the pen is mightier than the sword". The meaning behind this is that communication is a more effective tool than violence. I agree with this way of thinking because communication is the means by which people are educated, and thus is the key to enlightening people. When people are well-informed, there is greater understanding between peoples, and the need for war ceases. I think this is the kind of peaceful future that the whole human race should strive towards. 



  The Pen is mightier than the sword.


 The Pen, expressing ideas, can terminate a war.


 In fact, the Pen  (or Press, News Media, etc.)  have frequently been used to generate war sentiments.


   The written word has changed  mankind, and indeed,  Human Experience itself and all considerations of "civilization" are divided into    Pre-History and History,   which is the demarcation between  unrecorded history and written histories.

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