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Have you ever been Au pair?

I think that another ways to learn a language is being an Au pair in a country where the language that you're trying to learn is spoken.


I'm thinking in do it.


Well,have you ever been Au pair?


How did you do it?


Did you learn the languge 100%?


It was a good experience?



I've always wanted to do an Au Pair cultural exchange, unfortunately I don't have enough money to do it (it's one of my frustrated dreams). But I think it's a good experience in anyway for sure (new places, new people, new language,etc).

Do you have some agency in mind now? I think this is a good one

Good luck!


I'm not yet an au pair. I will travel to Germany next year to do so. I really hope that this makes a lot of diference in my language learning and I think it will.

I also think that depends on the effort of the au pair. If you don't study while you work as au pair, your language skills will stay in a certain level. Of course that a litle bit improvement its inevitable, because the kids propably only speaks the native language of the country.

What you mean by 100%? Because even who goes only to study, at least German, I've heard that came back with C1 level, but rarely with C2 level. Because that is more specific words that changes between areas. 

But if you don't like kids, if you don't be excited about immersing in a diferent cultur and family, I don't sugest that you became an au pair. If your only interest in became au pair is your language skills, this is not a good program for you, because all I heard is that we should not forget that this is a job and we will have to work a lot, because when you live with the family you probably work more than your work hours. So for those that don't like kids, it must be really annoying.

I hope I have helped :)

Hey Hyttalo, an au pair agency is only needed for USA. In Europe people don't usually use agency. I found my family in and its safe do that, you only have to talk a lot with the family, know them with skype and everthing. You can even negociate with the family about who pays the airfare. A friend have negociated and she will only pay to come back, the family pays her to go.

Search about it. Its a good option.

I hope I have helped :)

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