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People from which country you want to make friends? And why?

Hi eveyone, I like making friends, talking to people from over the world, it makes me know about different cutures, improve my English and have more friends as well. Some people like talking to British or American to improve their English with native speakers, but some prefer Asian people, etc and they have their own reasons. How about you? I'd like to know people from where you like talking to and why?


P.s: I am sorry if I made any mistakes in my topic, cause my English needs improving. :) Have a nice day. :p




I prefer to talk to native speakers here or with someone who has a very nice level of English. Of course It's interesting to find out something about othe countries, but... first of all I must improve my English) 

Yea, I agree with you at this point. I am trying to speak English fluently and it is good to have native friends, we are English learners, that's why. :)

I want to make new friends from Azerbaijan because They are our friends. We love all of them :)

I like talking to American people because their English language is really easy to understand. But if you want to improve your English speaking skill, you can make a small group discussion and you choose one topic and you can practice your English with your friend. we study language is to use it. so, the best practice your english skill is by talking.

It doesn't really matter where a person is from, but if they are a native speaker of a language I am learning, or are interested in Scandinavia, Finnish or Finland, that's great.

i would like to make friends who speaks english , not important my friends from diffrent countries .


Anyone with whome i can speak English, thats it


I love meeting new people and making new friends from all over the world in general. Though since I am looking to improve my Spanish and Swedish, I prefer meeting people from Spanish speaking countries or from Sweden. 


I love meeting people from different cultures most of all, and don't mean just chatting with people so they can practice English. Now I am looking for someone from German who is a native German speaker so I can practice with them but I am not limited to only German people. Asian cultures (as well as others) interest me a lot so I love talking to new people and learning from them.

I am not intended to find some specific friends from some specific countries . I do want to know friends from all over the world .  I believe ignorance is the most appealing to make friends . 

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