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where do you study?

where do you study? and what is your first aim about future?



I'm majoring in Information Systems, I love technologies and I hope one day to work abroad, learn new techniques and forth.. it would be amazing! Maybe it will be real sooner than I think, who knows?! =)


I study in premedicine in the states and my goal is to become a physician one day! How about yourself ? :) 

yeap, in Turkish there is a saying: Maybe tomorrow, maybe sooner :) ( to Wagner)

My subject is international relations. and i want to be a person who produce creative and effective solutions for international problems and crises. That's why i need to read more about the world politics, learn foreign languages and know about other cultures. :)

I'm a PhD student in Ukraine. My major is chemical and food processing equipment and I am engaged in designing of technologies and equipment processing waste products for reuse them or getting energy. Also I work in a company that produces wastewater treatmant equipment. I work in this fields to contribute our green Earth.

I'm majoring in engineer of electrical motors. Our team creates new type motors and improves the old motors.

I study for self-realization and my dream build CNC-machine.

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