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Do you have driving licence? Is There a lot of road rage in your country?

I asking you because there is a lot of inadequate drivers in Ukraine and Russia. And this problem doesn't consist in their behaviour only, they violate traffic rules besides.



Here in venezuela there are so many crazy drivers that always violate traffic rules, because of that we have a lot of car accidents

My friend suffers from a phobia in the drive it's very surprising


I live in the states of Georgia in the United States. I actually love the rules here and the majority of the people here are decent drivers. Even though the traffics are usually insane, people are still careful and respect one another. 

The rules are pretty strict here and there are police officers watching everywhere. If you go don't obey the law or the speed limit by any point anywhere, you'll definitely will either get a ticket, or be written up for a court date or what not!



It depends on where in the U.S. you are referring to. In the western part of America in the city people can of course be in a hurry, but in small towns and very laid back places like Oregon people do not have as much road rage and are very courtesy to others when driving. However, I live in a tourist town where many people from around the world come to visit and usually have no idea where they are going and how to use a turn signal. This makes me sometimes angry so I cannot say I've never had road rage. There are a lot of stupid drivers out there!

A lot of my friend were in U.S., in different parts of country, and all of they say there is a huge distinction of people behavior on road. Of corse the say people in U.S. are more patient. 

You cannot image how it's annoying when you hear someone give a signal saying ''coomon! move on!'' just on the YELLOW of traffic lights. And this case I meet on the every intersection! 


P.S. Forgive my English and make corrections if it's need

48 degrees Celsius is too much for congestion! )))) Unfortunately, There aren't a lot of cameras in Ukraine thus drivers fill free to argue.

In our country,people must have driving license when driving.In order to decrease traffic accidents,chinese government comes out many new policies.It becomes more and more difficult to pass the exam to get the license,and training companys increase charges accordingly,as trainning coaches need speed more times on teaching.Also,for those disobey traffic rules,penalties are more expensive and strict.

No, I don't have driving license yet, and this is a serious issue here in Brazil, there're a lot of young people driving to everywhere without a driving license, the consequences of such behaviour are many accidents and traffic jams..

O yes, I have seen so many movies on YouTube about drunk(!) and crazy Russian drivers. It's sometimes funny to watch them, but those drivers are dangerous. Moreover they make traffic congestion. I have a driving licence, but I wish I didn't have to drive in Russia or Ukraine ;) 

Weronika, I can say there aren't drunk drivers in Ukraine or Russia a lot. To tell the truth, we have a lot of problems with civility on roads

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