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Can someone help translate this for me?

Hi! I want to write my senior quote in Korean, but I don't really know how to write in Korean, I only know how to read it. Can anyone help me translate my quote to Korean. Thanks!~ :) Here it is: 


I will cherish these four years. I wish you all the best, wherever life takes you. 


Thanks again!! 감사합니다 



나는이 사년 품을 것이다. 생활이 당신을 가지고 간다 어디든지 나는 당신에게 최선을 다하길 바래.


Could you possibly break this down, word for word? 

I think he just ran that through Google Translate, because when I put your quote in Google Translate, it gave me the exact same thing. I've found that Google Translate, while helpful, doesn't always give you the most accurate translations.

Here's an attempt to translate your quote into Korean, but bear in mind, I am not a native speaker, so I'd check with someone who is before using this.


나는 지난 4년을 소중히 여길 거예요. 너희 인생이 갈 길에 너희에게 최고의 행운을 기원해요.


Since I don't know precisely how to say some of the things you asked for, here's the best I could figure out by looking up similar phrases. A more literal translation of this would be something like "I will treasure the past 4 years. On the paths your lives take, I wish you all the best of fortune."


Again, if a fluent Korean speaker could help, it'd probably be better than this. I just thought I'd put this here in case it could help in any way.

I am a native Korean speaker. I presumed you are writing to your senior who is not so older than you. If he or she is older than you by 5 or 10 years, you need to add a few honorifics.


지난 4년의 추억을 소중히 간직할께요. 어디에 있든지 항상 행운이 함께 하기를 기원할께요. 



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