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FREEDOM is....? :)

How do you explain what is freedom?





One persons freedom ends where another persons freedom begins



Freedom is the ability to choose what you want in your life independently;without having anyone try to prevent you from what you are doing, question you and who you are, your life choices, or style of living. 

freedom ends when the right of others begin..:)


i don't know how to explain it to you, but freedom to me as a muslim is when i go to Heaven

A beautiful concept but an impractical reality.

I used to trust freedom of something , but now , I would rather believe in my personal freedom . It is hard to get totally free as there is no one can be isolated from this world for a long time .We have to be submissive to something or someone in some situation  , which is the reality you have to accept . That is why I consider there is no absolute freedom of the world , though every one wants to get full freedom in the world .  From time to time , I suppose too poor people can not afford freedom by and large as they have to consume all their time and effort to earn their lives .

Freedom is the absence of compulsion and constraint in anyone's choice, action or wish.

Freedom to me means the possibility to make my own decisions without carring abt smb`s opinions :)

Freedom is fly like bird :)

having your own well without violating any laws like : socity  , traditions or country rules 

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