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How many people do you know that can speak farsi whose first language is english?


شما چطور بسیاری مردم که فارسی صحبت میکند میتوند می دانید که دوم زبان انگلیسی هست؟

shoma chetor besiari mardam keh farsi sohbat mikonad mitonam midanid keh dovom zeban englisi hast?



What you've written is not understandable. Please write what you wanted to say in English.


yeh was too hard to say. what i wanted to say in english is the title of the discussion


How many people=چند نفر از مردم=چند نفر

do you know that=رو میشناسید که=شما اون رو میشناسید که=را می شناسید که

can speak farsi= صحبت کردن به فارسی


whose first language is english? = به عنوان اولین زبان در انگلیسی =اولین زبانشان انگلسی است


so :

How many people do you know that can speak farsi whose first language is english?

چند نفر رو می شناسید که می توانند فارسی صحبت کنند و همچنین اولین زبانشان انگلسی است

چند نفر را میشناسید که میتوانند به فارسی صحبت کنند و زبان اولشان فارسی است؟


Kevin yours is almost perfect but note that we don't say در فارسی صحبت میکنند, we say به فارسی صحبت میکنند.


Well to answer that, I've never met anyone like that in person -just few foreigners on national TV who had lived in Iran for a long time and a couple of language learners on livemucha and lan-8 who were not fluent but could converse to an acceptable level.

HI,im from Iran!i can help u to improve ur english..Farima:)

Hi, if you interested in speaking Farsi plz let me know it.





wow finally after all this time i know how to say that sentence.

u have to say in this way

chand nafar engelisi zaban mishnasid ke mitunan farsi sohbat konana?

چند نفر انگلیسی زبان میشناسید که میتونن فارسی صحبت کنن

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