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How would you describe a perfect life?


In your point of view, what are the things that could make your life perfect? What does "perfection" mean to you and your world? Having a big house in the best part of the town with lots of children? Traveling around the world with your significant other? Or Things are just perfect the way they are? "....A decent house, family, job, and life style." 

I am very curious to know what the rest of the world thinks a perfect life is, and I would like to know your opinion about.






The word "perfect" in my mind means happiness. nothing is perfect if we drill down. i all depents on one's own feeling or attitude on it. so happiness in my opion means: for the emotion.someone is loved by me and i am loved by someone. for career. Doing the job i love. for family. everyone is healthy and keep harmonious for long.

Well, that's a very thoughtful question, but from my point of view I would say that a perfect life is any but a life in which you're happy with everything that you have... not quite a good answer =) but a perfect life doesn't make sense if you're not comfortable with what you have achieved. Of course, we always need to be active and motivated by having a better life, accomplish our dreams, and stay cool :D


I am not inclined to find a perfect life as I know the perfect life does not exist by any means . I would rather be more practical to find a descent job in pursuit of average life quality for my family . I do not know how to define perfection  , however, I do know how to find my happiness if you are willing to reduce your desire for material gratification . I quote one taiwanese wise saying :"Money has 4 feet and human beings have 2 feet , so it is impossible to get enough money in your life time " 

A human being will never stop chasing for their self improvement and they have their own priority of course.

A "perfection" will change when you've got the perfection that you've got before.

so it wil be a perfection #1. perfection # 2. perfection #3 and so on. 


Because people change.. (Well some people don't want to change..) it causes many different point of view and priority in everyone's life.


For Me, at this moment, My perfection is when I could happy for being myself-feel blessed for who i am, but also doing improvement when i got myself wrong. And the second, i can make the people happy and feel worth/valuable living in this world. 


In the busy-ness in our life, in our daily tasks, in all our pressures that we've got, we still can enjoy the ride of the life.


Thank you Diana! I also curious about your opinion :)

Winny puhh has a perfect life in a perfect world :)

I think that humans will never have a perfect life, but for me the most important thing in this life would be healthy, to be at peace with my family, and be surrounded by love, after that to try to fulfill my dreams.

I think that only the luck make your life perfect, because if you are lucky you can have all you want big house, cars, family, children... everything


I believe that there is no such notion like a perfect life. The only what does exist is our attitude toward something. You can find happy and unhappy people among millioners as well as among baggers, among educated and ignorant ones. Even when people change, curcumstances and everything what happens to us is not the main reason for this. When somerthing becomes better or worse it's not because this something changed. it's because our evaluation toward this changed. We ouselves is the main reason, our attitude toward something made it worse or better, perfect or not enough to consider it perfect. My may be crazy idea is that everyone of us has his perfect life - real perfect life. Perfectness emerges when we create something imaginary in our mind, projecting "how great or better it could be, if...", but we forget that exactly at this second we live the perfect life - we can feel, smell, see, hear, even pain is the sign that we are alive. Isn't this is a perfect life? Sorry for my weak English :) 

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