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Procrastination, the story of my life.


I got lots of papers to read and some presentations to prepare for, but I won't do them until the last minute. And when it comes to the last minute, it's just like end of my life. There are so many times I tell myself to finish my work first but never worked.

Anyone's got the same issue?

Any solutions?



Today I thought about procrastinating, but I decided to procrastinate tomorrow instead.


On a more serious note, try arranging your projects in order of importance, taking into consideration any deadlines.  Then summon up your will power, and complete the projects one at a time.  Best of luck!

Try to find better excuses to finish it as soon as possible . Motivation should be the only solution to your deferring .

Be offline! I had this same kind of problem. It was because so many things (facebook, blogs, emails) distracted my attention. Also texting doesn't help ;) I decided to switch them off and focus on my work. You can also write a plan on each day and hang it on the wall or put on the desk. Then you glance at it very often. If you realize the plan, you'll get a prize from yourself (movie, cake, coffe, evening out, whatever you like). But if you don't, you'll put some amount of money to the jar. Saved moeny you can waste on prize. Good luck, I hope I helped. 

Hi Taryn,

Don´t worry! It seems you are one of us according to what Alexander999 posted yesterday as a discussion topic. He wrote: "Maybe it is nonsense but I heard from my close psychologists that lazy humans are more talented because their laziness forces them keep seeking the shortest path to success. So their solutions are more genius ones compared with ones of hard-working humans."  

Welcome to the club:)

Maybe at some point, it is not really an issue.

It's just that we love hard-working in the last minute. I would even say that it is more like a lifestyle.

Anyway, sometimes it can lead to a major problem. 

I found that seeing my to do-list as if it was a bucket-list helped me a lot, specially if one adds a timer to this magical ecuation. "You don't want to kick the bucket for not doing it, right?"


I agree with this "that lazy humans are more talented because their laziness forces them keep seeking the shortest path to success"


Thank you everyone for your useful advices. I guess I'll try to make a strict schedule first and see how it goes.

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