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what is your favourite movie and why ??

what is your favourite movie and why ??



My favo movie is Gladiator

reason -  I love the story, plus the superb acting, music, sets are really awesome.


P.s I still love the song "Now We Are Free" the gladiator theme song 

That can be a difficult question for me since I have a dozen of favourite movies. But still I need to chose one of them,that will be " Inception" which Leonardo Di Caprio played a role. First, the story is amazing and attractive to me that it seems to have disclosed the truth undirectly,the essence of our time and space,and many other things such as a lucid dream which can do anything in it.The intelligence,wisdom uphold those elements consist of the film is what I am always looking for. It is a great film since the creative thinking has been used to a full extent. And then, I LOVE all the actors and actresses in the film,they both play so well that is matched to the film.And, If you watched the film carefully, you will found the music is great too,especially the "time".

i love harry potter .......... aaahhhh..... that is aws. movie :P

My favourite movie is How I Met Your Mother.Because It is funny :)

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