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Try to learn english

I want learnt english because i think that is very important, and for my studdies it is essencial ! Please help me (:



I think I like you. I think the best ideas, watch movies and read books. In addition, I think it would be a good word memorize :)

Yes i try to watch moovie in VO but I never understand that ! ^^ So I search a correspondent ! (:

:)) I think you need to memorize the first word. The wider the vocabulary so many moments in my opinion. Read English books, you see the benefits. (Although rare, I take advantage of the translation :)

I think it would be a good idea to start watching TV series with english subtitle. They are interesting and you learn the language without knowing that you are doing it that. I started with Breaking bad and of course in the beginning I don't understand it at all, but after 4 seasons watched I realized that my english is on higher level. So, just try and don't give up if you don't understand some words or sentences.



I can help you learn English. You can contact me here on Italki if you like and I'll send you my SKYPE information.



Mr. Norman Mc Leod

If you want to speak English well then u should speak  

I want to speak french and I can help you with your English. I'm very patient if you are. 


Hi Whyamseaa, I'm a native English language teacher. Please feel free to contact me for coversational English lesson. I will be happy to help you.


Thank you everyone for your help ! I will try to use your advice ! :)

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