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Hi Guys! I'm a new one on

It's my first post, so I'm a little bit stressed ;) I always envy people who can speak many languages. But I thought 'stupid girl, don't be envious, move your ass and start learning!'. So I set goals: English (including technical and bussines language) and Danish before I will have been 25, French before thirties, Spanish before forties. To be honest, an only one language I can speak fluently is my native one- Polish. I have been living in Denmark for 4 months, but my progress in Danish is lean. I really appreciate somebody who can help me with essentials of Danish. I want to improve my English, so don't hesitate, be my language partner :) 



lets chat on facebook check me out.

Nice, don't worry about time, all you have to do is enjoy your time while you're learning it, and I think you're doing great, because you have created your account here, looking for partners and so forth..this shows you're doing the right thing. So keep doing this and I'm sure you will reach your goal sooner then you thought... good luck! 

I will be glad to chat with you in English

Nice to meet cute patient teacher :)

Hello Weronika. I'm Cezar, I've just created this account.. and so far I'm really enjoying how things are very neatly organized(the layout) here in italki and how it is set up to work. It's a great platform... no doubt about that.

So, I couldn't relate more to what you're saying.. cos, I've only come to truly understand what a remarkably underful feeling it is to be able to think in a new language and how much I was missing out in life after this discovery.. cos it just became one of the most enjoyable activities in life for me..  yeah, absolutely. And now that I discovered Scandinavia I'm actually in state of awe, for it holds  such an awesome, amazing culture, language, etc..    and regarding the geographic aspects of it.. ohh, it's just absolutely gorgeous. Also, before even get know all this about this amazing piece of land in this planet, I had always had a feeling of great respect as well as admiration for The Scandinavian Countries because of the climate(yeah.. I'm a true lover of the cold. : )  lol ). 

Moreover, now, after having some little general idea of Swedish, Danish, Norway..  Danish has become my absolute favourite one. It's just... well, it's just absolutely amazing and it has a very unique sonority to it. : )


I so wish I had the opportunity to go over there as you did..   Well, it's been a dream now. Hopefully one day, right?!

Well, one of my goals for the future is to takle Russian. I know that I've got a very little clue if nothing at all about what the future holds in store for me..  so, so far, my favourite 'set' of languages is the Germanic ones. However, I already have in my plans/goals the studying of your mother tongue, Polish. And, although having also very little knowledge about your culture if none, I admire it..  so, if you could tell me about it and about your language as well... I'd very much appreciate that! : )


I'm starting to follow you right now.. and also send you a request. Please, feel free to whether accept it not. In any case, I thank you for reading and also, of course, for deciding to write this.. cos stories like yours inspire me.. specially your very own due to the similarity to mine. : )


Wish you a great time in your studies!


well come mate


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