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What kind of music do you like the least?

Give reasons why you do not like this kind of music.



I don't like a genre called "Funk", it is a very common genre in Brazil, but I don't like it because its lyrics are vulgar, poor and explicit. It has no meaning, it is just repetition of the same damn thing, and it is responsible for wrong thoughts about the brazilian's culture.

I hate reggaeton, it is a stupid kind of music which has always the same rhythm and topic. it talks about sex and is so stupid. In my country is very popular becase of the lot of stupid people who do not like to think. Even some studies of some universities prove that people who listen reggaeton is 20% less intelligent. I don't like some other kinds of music but I don't critic anything about them because it is normal to not like something. But reggaeton is scientificly proved as something stupid.

I don't like metallic song because the singer is just always shouting and roaring.

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