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What do you do when you feel very sad or depressed?



Well, I will listen to funny songs, watch a funny movies or go to sleep :-P

Don't think about your problems. Forget it and search something what's interesting to do :D

Cheer up :D

I go for a run or swim.

i used to write diary :)


Sometimes exercise helps.  Other times a really good book or movie that you can lose yourself in for a brief time can really help.

I sleep hoping to forget my problems as soon as I can.

When I fell very bad, I sleep :) 


I usually read and think.

Sometimes crying help me to feel better, and than sleep

When I'm very sad I listen sad songs and a plunge into depression. Then I come to the border of despair and bounce off the base. I'm thinking "I'm pathetic embarrassing and I need to stop this".


(I'm sorry for my English)

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